Business Development

For a company, business development is the creation of sustainability and opportunities for growth from establishing customers, markets and relationships.  For the Southey Project the focus will be on fostering local business development through the establishment of working relationships between the project and local businesses, vendors, contractors, and workforce.  Yancoal Canada recognizes that the success of the project will be tied to initially and overtime increasing the goods and services provided to the project from the local communities.  It is important to Yancoal Canada that the environment and the communities that will support the project will receive sustainable socio-economic benefits from the project.

Yancoal Canada is willing to work with local vendors, business, and contractors to identify and seize opportunities for sustainable benefits realized close to home.  Yancoal Canada is encouraging local communities to think outside the box with an entrepreneurial spirit and identify how they would like the project to fit into their plans for the future.

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