Press & Announcement

Yancoal Meeting with Primier Wall, Dated October 25, 2016

CEO Li from Yancoal parent company met with the Primier Brad Wall to share project update, the project and Yancoal team were warmly recevied by the primier.   


Yancoal Earl Grey Fall Supper 

Yancoal Recieved Enviromental Approval, dated August 9,2016

Link to the Ministry of Enviroment. 


Map Showing Number of Residents Within the Project Area, dated June 29, 2016

Yancoal hired a third party to verify the number of residents within the project area. The following map indicates there are 9 occupied residence within 1 mile radius of the mine site area, 19 occupied residence (inclusive of 1 mile) within 2 mile radius of the mine site area, and 1 occupied residence within the well filed cluster. 

Report by Last Moutain Times, dated June 06, 2016

The following is a copy of the report on Yancoal Canada's June 2, 2016 information session with the Last Mountain Valley Business Association (LMBVA) from the Last Mountain Times. 



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